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Allianz Arena stadium

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Nuovo stadio per Pes 2018, l'Allianz Arena stadium


- Addition of Allianz Arena in a new stadium slot, without replacing another stadium.
​- The stadium is 100% playable and offers a rendering very close to the other stadiums. Note that the stadium is obviously not compatible for online matches. (The mod is disabled in the DpfileList.bin file or removed from the Download folder if you want to play online)

- The day / Fine weather is for the moment the most optimized. It is possible to play with other weather, but there will be almost no difference.

- Commentators talk about the stadium early in the game.
- Fixed an issue if you installed the Old Trafford stadium: The Emirates Stadium did not appear in Champions League mode.)


avviso, di notte si vede troppo al buio, si tratta di una beta, lo miglioreranno




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The Allianz Arena (JStadium) exists in PES 2018 from other patch (Kilay's Patch).


What is the difference that this stadium mod makes compared to that one?


isn't allianz stadium juventus, is allianz arena Bayern München, don't exists allianz stadium juventus for pes 2018

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