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team manager 1.1

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non riesco ad usarlo aggiungo un team e non mi appare in pes , qualcuno può spiegarmi come si usa?


E' un tool che devo studiare e per quanto mi riguarda ora sui due piedi non saprei che dirti.

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e in rete non si trova una guida?


E' tutto scritto nel readme.txt



How to


To use the tool you are going to need a PC Option File and an unnamed_11.bin (dt04.img) or unnamed_1973.bin (dt0f.img) file to edit.

Go to "File->Open files..." and pick your unnamed_11.bin or unnamed_1973.bin, then pick your option file.

You will see a list of the teams in the game. Add/Remove/Change teams' attributes like the (english) name and the ID (if you add new team pick ID 4000+ to avoid any duplicates with existing).


After changing everything, DON'T FORGET TO SAVE ("File->Update files...") before you close the tool, otherwise you'll lose all progress.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you keep a BACKUP of your unnamed_12.bin file before you use the tool.

This tool, doesn't not affect your Option File at all...


IMPORTANT: After you add a new team on unnamed_11 and the OF, you will need to add it to a league to see it in the game, so use League Editor 2010 to add it on the league you want. You may also use Kits Relink to edit the team's kits. The first time you see the team in the game, it will have AUSTRIA's emblem... Please, use the in-game supported emblem import function to add the one you want.

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