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Found 1 result

  1. 16 NOV. 2017 UPDATE: For CPY users of the game, based on exe v.1.01.02, I edited that exe to be recognized by DLC 1.0 as if it was the new one v.1.03.00... In this way you will not have any issues to load the new DLC 1.0 and DLC 2.0, exactly as it happens by original exe v.1.03.00 by Konami Take into account that the exe remains the v.1.01.02 (although start screen will show you v. 1.03.00), so It doesn't modify gameplay and it doesn't adjust any bugs included into 1.01.02 exe (For a real new cracked exe, you should hope into a new release by CPY TEAM, but I doubt they ever will do that) Per chi usa il gioco versione CPY, che si basa sull'exe v. 1.01.02, ho editato tale eseguibile per essere riconosciuto dal DLC 1.0 e dal DLC 2.0 come se fosse il nuovo exe v. 1.03.00, in modo che non ci siano problemi a caricare i due dlc by konami, esattamente come avviene con l' exe v.1.03.00 originale di konami: NOTE: the CPY fixed 1.03.00 was released by me without any commercial target and without a link with advertise clicks for money So please respect my release... I don't make any type of money for it so don't be a stupid youtuber/blogger that make links with adfly clicks for money or for visualizations for get money for you by my release... Respect the credits and share it free, without any type of money's target, linking this thread Thank's in advanced NRG (aka Energia) PES2018 CPY fixed 1.03.00 by NRG (aka energia): https://mega.nz/#!C5YDUb6Q Mega decription_key(2) is attached to this thread... password to extract the archive: KONAMI's DataPacks: DLC 1.0: https://doc-10-80-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/ha0ro937gcuc7l7deffksulhg5h7mbp1/7d8cn1st16cfvb767p70i069j7ne8gac/1511344800000/09054213156575804126/*/0B5e-lpZQnrysaWpKMm5ISFd6S0U?e=download https://userscloud.com/ta9rssasc745 DLC 2.0 orginal by konami: (via torrent): https://download1620.mediafire.com/s2y6ca6df2lg/onpi1ig4m992y44/DLC+2.0+PES+2018..torrent (mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/file/g8nppadh00xmx1u/PES+2018+Data+Pack+2.rar NOTE regarding DLC 2.0: if for some reason the original dlc 2.0 by konami makes issues with your cpy game, try to use this version: DLC 2.0 CPY fixed: https://www.file-upload.com/huq16n7xqp5j http://www.mediafire.com/file/pplxi4h0q78p48h/PES+2018+Data+Pack+2+For+CPY.rar https://www.fshare.vn/file/KBKOEP32RD8Q DLC 2.0 CPY FIX for Estadio Nacional de chile and exterior & emerate stadium day fine to day rainy : https://mega.nz/#!Ei4lTKbK!G4GU_mxxpHKHSDQXq9ObYcKjR6xHbSfY6NnKPEPXIkE HOW TO USE: Overwrite your pes2018.exe, with the one you downloaded in this thread, into main installation folder of game DLC 1.0 & DLC 2.0 extracted files need to be added inside your "download" folder within the main installation folder of game... You can create "download" folder manually if you haven't it baris has updated dipfilelist generator for dlc 2.0 so to update it you just have to click "Update DLC" inside the tool so...regenerate a new dpfilelist file (inside your download folder) with dpfilelist generator (only if your third party patch doesn't have a valid dpfilelist that already includes DLC 1.0 & DLC 2.0+fix for stadiums) Decription_Key (2) for 1.03.00.txt