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  1. Pinturicchio07

    PES 2019 MCR [Music Converter & Relink]

    Ciao amico, did Ginda provide a fix for your problem?
  2. Pinturicchio07

    PES 2019

    Hello all, Has anyone in here heard of the "Felix method" of account sharing ?? https://archive.is/oYOmS // also here: It basically allows you to pay 2$/3$ for a gamekey, and share the account amongst multiple people to enable all of them to play offline... My question is: would this also work for PES 2019?
  3. Pinturicchio07

    PES 2019 MCR [Music Converter & Relink]

    Ah, sorry, then I do not know... Please let us know if the fix is possible... Ginda01 is a cool guy, he will fix it (he responds frequently on FB too).
  4. Pinturicchio07

    PES 2019 MCR [Music Converter & Relink]

    If I understand you correctly, you are saying it creates a playlist with the same name as the existing playlist? But, from the tutorial video, you can always save the playlist with your own custom name "christex77 new playlist 03.10.2018" etc. so you can always check if the custom name exists in the data folder? And, if I remember correctly, the playlist gets saved in the "Download" folder and not Data folder... Or has it changed with PES MCR 2019? Can you provide a screenshot of your folder?
  5. Pinturicchio07

    Mix di patch per un PES 2019 quasi completo

    PTE Patch v1.2 released - check main page and PTE Patch Topic for update...
  6. Pinturicchio07

    PTE Patch for PES 2019

    You can try and see if this method works for you, so you can play online as well (because it allows to play myClub online) ??
  7. Pinturicchio07

    Mix di patch per un PES 2019 quasi completo

    Nesa24's gameplay so far is only for full version, and he has not worked on the major bugs (AI defender catch-up, AI forwards not shooting 1-on-1 with user GK - always looking for 1-2 pass, low-cross spamming i.e. AI always tries to play like Barca, no shooting if you block space around the 18-yard box, GKs always stay on the line and always make saves no matter what, very less penalties / injuries to name a few). If you create your own music playlist, maybe you can share here (upload on mega.nz), so that others like me can see if it's great, then we can share and collaborate?
  8. Pinturicchio07

    Mix di patch per un PES 2019 quasi completo

    PES19 MCR released
  9. Features: Convert .mp3 to .hca Auto relink to selected playlist Available 32 songs Auto fill Artist & Title name Sample rate options Normalizer songs volume Multilangauge Tutorial: Install to your PES directory Download:
  10. Pinturicchio07

    Sider 5.x.x by juce

    I read on Evo-Web that this new EXE is s**t !! It has made some really f**ked up changes which makes the game worse... WTF ?? 😡
  11. Pinturicchio07

    Mix di patch per un PES 2019 quasi completo

    Scoreboard (it's not SKY Italia) for Serie A Time Released:
  12. Pinturicchio07


  13. Pinturicchio07

    Gameplay MOD for PES 2019 by nesa24 [modified EXE]

    This EXE works only for the FULL VERSION of PES 2019, and not with the DEMO. ☹️
  14. Pinturicchio07

    Mix di patch per un PES 2019 quasi completo

    Please try:
  15. **How to use 1.Backup your PES2019.exe (Very important!!!) 2.Copy patched PES2019.exe to your game directory 3. Run game from steam menu [you can also use incas36 dt18_x64-cpk tweak https://www.evo-web.co.uk/threads/new-gameplay-with-dt18_x64-cpk.79372/ with this patch] **Whats patched 1. Controls 2. AI 3. Shooting 4. Gameplay speed related things to make it more flexible DOWNLOAD **Creator nesa24 **Support Gameplay is free for all If you wish to support you can by donating via PayPal to nesa24casa2@gmail.com