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  1. energia

    PATCH SEASON 2019-2020...ByT99

    al primo post ho linkato anche l'edit adattato per il tattopack della patch (nel caso lo avessi scaricato)
  2. energia

    PATCH SEASON 2019-2020...ByT99

    linko un update che mi ero perso: Live Update 29 November 2019 What's new Based on the last live update of PES 2020 The addition of more players Update gameplan How to Install Before installing the first option to delete old files (EDIT000000) Make sure T99 patch 3.0 is installed Klik "t99v3_liveupdate.exe" Run as administrator Enter the password Select the location correctly install Pes 2017 Wait for a moment Done, Live updates to T99 v.3.0 patch has been installed Download ... http://www.mediafire.com/file/s1iuv154ex0lgxe/%5BPES2017%5D_t99_patch_v.3.0_Live_Update_%2829-11-2019%29_v2.rar/file installation's password: tauvic99.blogspot.com Information Pes 2017 due to the number of players in one team a maximum of only 32, then to the team that the number of players over 32 some players whose sequence above No. 32 will be automatically terelease to free agent Manager will only be updated if the patch rose version Update team's gameplan to adjust the conditions to compete in their respective leagues, and is only valid on the team who are in pes 2020 For the next update schedule could not be ascertained always visit this blog to get info update
  3. energia

    PATCH SEASON 2019-2020...ByT99

    se si rivela una chiavica puoi sempre restituirlo ad Amazon...
  4. energia

    PATCH SEASON 2019-2020...ByT99

  5. energia

    PATCH SEASON 2019-2020...ByT99

    penso che tra le extra mod metterò appena possibile anche un nuovo gameplay... chissà che un gioco completamente nuovo ed aggiornato non ti faccia voglia di tornare a giocare (ed installare)
  6. energia

    PATCH SEASON 2019-2020...ByT99

    ho ripulito il thread... messo le extra mods per la patch nel primo post...
  7. energia

    SIDER 6 (with liveCPK) by juce

    per il gioco completo: For the full game: Sider 6.1.1 https://mapote.com/pes/sider-6.1.1.zip
  8. T99 patch PES 2017 v.3.0 All In One 21 November 2019 What's new Based on the latest database of PES 2020 Update all of the league season 2019-2020 The addition of many national team for europe Update formation of teams according the latest live updates Update logo, miniface dan manager How to install Before you install the first delete the old patch or backup if needed This patch does not require datapack 1-3 by konami Click "Setup" Run as administrator Enter the password Select the location correctly install Pes 2017 Wait for a moment Done, T99 patch has been installed Do not forget to generate the DpFilelist if you add a new mod patch information This new version of the patch is not updated from the previous version Master Mode league, Become a legend and others required new start. This patch is not yet perfect, updates and repairs will be done regularly. Credit Konami, Ejog327, Devil.Cold52, MjTs-140914, zlac, Lagun-2, jenkey1002, Baris, Suat Cagdas, NFS_FM, Albiore, Peslogos, Sortitoutsi, fmdataba, futhead, pesworld, ggdaris, Hawke, etc ... DOWNLOAD... installation's password: tauvic99.blogspot.com Download Live update 3.0 29 nov 2019: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s1iuv154ex0lgxe/%5BPES2017%5D_t99_patch_v.3.0_Live_Update_%2829-11-2019%29_v2.rar/file installation's password: tauvic99.blogspot.com Option File for T99 Tattoopack v2 https://www.mediafire.com/file/99bbussaoujka6a/OF_Tattoo_t99v3_%28LU_29-11-2019%29.rar/file - Only support t99 tattoopack v2 - Must install t99 patch v.3.0 and Live Update 29 November 2019 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALL extra MODs This patch contains only database and file supporters such as emblems or logos, miniface, other image files and several supporting accessories, that can actually be played even without the additional mod, but less attractive for players' faces, kits and others zoom generic . For that the mods are indispensable in order to look more attractive plague us and up to date. In the mod installation is actually no specific rule for the order, the important thing we reasonably can use software "DpFileList Generator..." extra MODS: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kitpack v5.By_Geo_Craig90 2019-2020 for T99patch DOWNLOAD... archive's password: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BallPack Season 2019-2020... _________________________________________________________________ bootpack 2019-2020... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GlovesPack 2019-2020... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stadiums pack... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animated Adboards... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Graphic Menù (from PES 2020)... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. energia

    EvoPatch 2.0

    EVOPATCH 2.0 (YOU HAVE TO INSTALL FIRSTLY THE EVOPATCH 1.0 here...) Download: https://mega.nz/#!JewXFADb!p3qA1RAIjEDoioWw7D5pMqG9IydGjgruAAr4aKyyJag In this version is included a switcher between online mode and offline by mate @MFZ69, in the offline mode are included some of the most important stadiums created for PES 2020 and it is designed to be 100% compatible with EvoSwitcher. Changelog Switcher between offline and online mode by MFZ69 Added v2 english announcement by predator002 New stadiums by eFootball Netherland, lohan258 and Jostike Games Added compatibility with EvoSwitcher How to install it Put all the files on game directory How to add EvoSwitcher Put the modules folder of EvoSwitcher in EvoPatch+ folder Credits @juce for the sider @MFZ69 @eFootball Netherland @lohan258 @jostikegames @predator002
  10. energia

    SIDER 6 (with liveCPK) by juce

    Tunnel Switcher Module Tunnels will change for every home team and only works for arsenal, manchester united, juventus and barcelona (only in allianz parque and neu sonne area) How To Use 1-Download Sider 6.0.1 from this link and unpack it to the folder where the game is installed 2-Open the sider.ini file and add this line one line below the line in the photo (lua.module = "Tunnel.lua") 3-Download Tunnel Changer and unpack it to the folder where the game is installed Tunnel Changer Link : https://mega.nz/#!K4xl0Q6L!wUDMTmwUchjBmpy_gkL5CzzoSby8EePFB0SdH2OknLU (i don't know "changer" correct word, my english bad and i did not do any design for tunnels but you can change it yourself if you want)
  11. energia

    SIDER 6 (with liveCPK) by juce

    SCOREBOARD SERVER for demo: Scoreboards will change for every home team because there is no league in the demo I think it's the only thing that can be done until the game comes out only works for arsenal, manchester united, bayern munich, juventus and barcelona and Laliga, EPL, Bundesliga and Serie A scoreboards come with the module How To Use 1-Download Sider 6.0.1 from this link and unpack it to the folder where the game is installed 2-Open the sider.ini file and add the line in the photo (lua.module = "DemoScoreboardServer.lua") 3-Download Scoreboard Server and unpack it to the folder where the game is installed Scoreboard Server : https://mega.nz/#!i4pn3SoJ!xMJBYYtvqUZhN4CnpdjSdDIhSPnGuCx_DI5XOYYXNm8
  12. energia

    EvoSwitcher for Demo...

    EVOSWITCHER for Demo... Feature: Balls: Adidas Brazuca, Adidas Brazuca Hi Vis, Adidas Brazuca Rio Fi, Adidas Fevernova, Adidas Fevernova Oran, Adidas Kopanya Confed, Adidas Europass 2008, Adidas Jabulani 2010 , Adidas Jabulani 2010 , Adidas Jabulani 2010 , Adidas Tango , Adidas Tango 12 Euro , Adidas Tango 12 Comoe, AAdidas Tango 12 Hi V, Adidas Tango 12 Hi Vi, Adidas Tango Hi Vis O, Adidas Tango Hi Vis, Adidas Tango Tricolor, Adidas Teamgeist Worl, Adidas Teamgeist Worl, Adidas Teamgeist Red, Adidas Wawa Aba, Geo Merlin 1, Geo Merlin EPL, Geo Merlin EPL 04-05, Geo Merlin Hi Vis EPL, Geo Merlin Vapor EPL, Geo Merlin Vapor Hi V, Geo Merlin EPL, Kappa Kombat, Kappa Kombat Hi-Vis, Mitre Ultimax EPL, Mitre Ultimax EPL Ora, Mitre Ultimax EPL Hi , Neo Pro Elite, Neo Pro Elite Hi-Vis, Nike Aerow Total 90 B, Nike Aerow Total 90 R, Nike Aerow Total 90 H, Nike Aerow Total 90 I, Nike Aerow Total 90 I, Nike Aerow Total 90 I, Nike Aerow Total 90 I, Nike Aerow Total 90 I, Nike Aerow Total 90 I, Nike Aerow Total 90 I, Nike Aerow Total 90 I, Nike Aerow Total 90 I, Nike Mercurial Veloci, Ordem Libertadores 20, Ordem Yellow Orange, Ordem White Orange, Ordem White Blue, Adidas Europass 2008, Mikasa FT 5 , Mikasa FT 5 OB, Mikasa FT 5 WB, Mikasa FT 5 WBX, Mikasa FT 5 YB, Mikasa FT 5 YBL, Mikasa FT 5 YG, Mitre 1979 , Mitre EPL 1979 , Umbro Dynamis, Umbro Dynamis Hi Vis, Molten F5E5000, Nike T90 Omni, Nike T90 Omni Hi Vis, Penalty Bola 8 Campo , Nike Maxim EPL, Nike Maxim EPL Hi Vis, Nike Incyte , Nike Incyte Hi Vis, Nike Incyte FA CUP, Nike Mercurial Veloci, Nike Mercurial Veloci, Nike Mercurial Veloci, Neo Pro 2 Hi-vis, Neo Pro 2 Hi-vis, Neo Pro 2 League, Neo Pro 2 Professiona, Neo Pro 2 FA Cup Fina, Nike Mercurial Veloci, Neo Pro 2 FA Cup, Neo Pro Elite, Neo Pro Elite Hi Vis, Nike Ordem IV C, Nike Ordem IV EPL, Uhlsport Triconcept H, Golty Euforia 1.0, Golty Euforia 2.0, Golty Invictus, Nike Rolinho Clube W, Nike Rolinho Clube W, Nike Rolinho Clube W, 12Macron Arrow , Nike T90 Omni LFP, Nike T90 Omni EPL, Nike T90 Omni Serie A, Ordem White Blue, Ordem White Orange, Ordem Yellow Orange, Penalty Bola 8, Uhlsport Tri Concept, Uhlsport Tri Concept , Umbro Neo Trainer Gre, Umbro Neo Trainer Blu, Umbro Neo Trainer Ora, Umbro Neo Trainer Red, Umbro Neo Trainer FA, Umbro Neo Hi Vis, Topper KV Carbon 4, Voit Aspid Blue. Scoreboards: Default beIN, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Settings: Match Difficulty, Extra Times, & Penalties. Others: No Ball Cursor as default, Carpet Ads, & Replay. How to install: Install to eFootball PES2020 directory. Play the game through PES2020 EvoSwitcher.exe Download: PES2020 Demo EvoSwitcher Password: EvoDemo Thank you to all who contributed in this Switcher @juce @nesa24 @MJTS-140914 @ginda01 @zlac @Vito Colangelo @Hawke @Gilbert Cunharski @predator002 @1002MB @Cesc Fabregas @Furkan6141 @mauri_d @FuNZoTiK @spursfan18
  13. energia

    PTE PATCH 8.0 Final (2019-2020 season)

    alla fine devo dire che questa patch fa abbastanza schifo è una rafforzonatura forzata di piccole patches che sono in conflitto con loro compreso l'EDIT mi sa che la tolgo e rimetto i files della PTE 6.5.4 by Tauvic99 sperando in un buon aggiornamento di quella
  14. SERIE A STADIUMS PACK PES 2020 (NEW FIXED VERSION 23/08/2019) I converted all stadiums of serie A from pes 2019 to pes 2020, the only Serie A stadiums that there aren't in this pack are Allianz Stadium and San Siro because I had some problems with them and they will be already included in final game. These stadium are originally created by @lohan258 - @omarbonvi - @Ismail1795 and converted for PES 2020 by me. Thanks to @lohan258 that helped me to resolve some problems. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6wq24...Converted_for_Pes_2020_FIXED_VERSION.rar/file Download fix by @chosefs (23/08/2019): https://mega.nz/#!pKZSXYIB!ajx_6Kk-gikajmX3DRy-ED08iwtTZMHjTOmkVghUWGQ ———————————————————————————————————————————— Instructions Delete all of the old version Install Sider 6.0.1 Install PES 2019 Stadium Server... Add in sider.ini on lua modules lua.module = "StadiumServer.lua" Open game, click space and click 9 to select the manually selection Download fix by chosefs Put the content folder in your sider directory credits: Andò12345