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  1. energia

    PES 2017 patch changer

    Patch Changer / Switcher / Manager For PES 2017 by StpN_17 This tool helps you switch from one patch to another, so now you can install two or more PES 2017 patches and change between any of them. Before using this tool please read ‘Readme.txt’ and ‘QnA’ inside. DOWNLOAD... https://www.mirrored.to/files/OUQW54ZS/
  2. energia

    PTE PATCH 8.0 Final (2019-2020 season)

    sopra ho riuppato l'edit con i nomi corretti per U.S. LECCE e PARMA CALCIO (al posto di pro vercelli e Entella) chiaramente i rispettivi kits sono ancora quelli del pro vercelli ed entella fino a che non ci sarà un fix dei kits Per i problemi, che ha marcap, bisogna installare la 6.1 update che contiene un cpk necessario Quindi è bene installare da zero: 6.0+6.1update e poi la 8.0
  3. energia

    SIDER 6 (with liveCPK) by juce

    aggiornato con nuova versione
  4. energia

    PTE PATCH 8.0 Final (2019-2020 season)

    Option File For PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017 V8.0 August,14 2019 This OF by chako includes real game plans, shirt numbers, corrects some old transfers and adds new ones like Ivi Lopez, Sergio Gomez to Huesca, Onyekuru to Monaco, Ivan Perišić to Bayern, Bensebaini to Borussia Mönchengladbach. Download... DOWNLOAD with NRG's fixes... (In this one I fixed, SERIE A Structure with US LECCE and PARMA CALCIO; all Juventus modules, juve players numbers and also Cancelo on M. City with n 27)
  5. Unofficial PTE Patch V8.0 Final For PES 2017 by Del Choc Features: 2019 Summer Transfers until 8 August – Formations edited too (for major clubs) New faces added (more than 200) Season 2019/2020 New Kits added (142 kits) New Stats for some players (like PES2019 or PES2020 or FIFA 19) Updated/new Managers and correct clubs linked to Stadiums Pack V2 by PTE New Ball Pack (50 Balls) for the new Season 2019/2020 for PES 2017 Also New Boots Pack (100 Boots) for the new Season 2019/2020 A New Fixed HD Body Style (short shorts and sleeves) New Graphic Menu of PES 2020 (Scoreboard, Menus, Replay. Imported New Gameplay of PES 2020 for PES 2017 (Optional) New Logos for most clubs of 2019/ 2020 season. You need PTE patch 6.1 official ... installed, before download and install nexts: optional: DOWNLOAD 8.0: PART 1... PART 2... DpFileList Order: I suggest do not use Tattoos Packs as they cause many faces errors. The least causing errors as far as i tested many, is the 402 cesc tattoos pack. Credits: Del Choc, Konami, PTE Patch Team, DzPlayZ, Last Fiddler, Micano, Kk adds, Caesar Abil, Muktafi Ismaya, DF PRO, Avok3, Incas36, PESNewupdate, Prandra17, LATINPESEDIT , JAS , DR.H, BLACKBULL_STADIUM_MAKER, Fuyu, Judas FM, Tisera09, Hatem Fathy, h.s.h editmaker, eslam, Hosam M Eid, Dz.PlayZ, Sameh Moumen, M.El3raby, benHUSSAM, Abdo Mohamed and other Face creators.. Mauri_d, Deamer, ARH Kitmaker, mcm31, Eder Mello, AguricKit, PES Empire. Sorry if i forgot anyone!
  6. EVOPATCH 1.0 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/iskaz8towfn2vzm/EvoPatch_PES_2020_DEMO.rar/file This patch includes the most important mods created on EvoWeb, the patch doesn't use the sider but it uses the game data files and the patch is 100% online compatible. The tutorial about how to install it is included in README.txt ———————————————————————————————————— Turf Mod v.1 by @Chuny High Quality Team Logos v.1 by @Alexbeckhs Tight Kit by @Makidan14 Goal Songs and Anthems by @mauri_d Chants by @predator002 Small Detail Mod (from Pes 2019 Demo) by @Hawke ———————————————————————————————————— Credits @Chuny @Makidan14 @mauri_d @predator002 @Hawke
  7. energia

    PES 2020 Demo Animated adboards

    Some works from the past with slight updates for the demo. Adboards for the following teams: Arsenal Barcelona Bayern Munich Boca Juniors Colo-Colo Juventus Manchester United River Plate https://youtu.be/rnLVCmb0Uy8 Requires Sider 6.0.0 https://mapote.com/pes/sider-6.0.0.zip Instructions: Install sider then extract files to game directory overwriting the two files. Included is a .bat file to start sider & game (this is optional not mandatory) THIS IS OFFLINE ONLY Password: evoweb-sonofsam69 https://mega.nz/#!F7wS3YqJ!QbArl-S-BPRfBQ_a5t6VpSYvHwY0E1DVzjVvSCRJ098 Huge thanks to JUCE & credits as follow: Sonofsam69 Rydimir hang u Hendri Simz Hawke zikint Cesc Fabregas
  8. energia

    [PC] DpFileList Generator 2020

    Features - Generate automatically DpFileList.bin with maximum of 47 CPKs - Select needed cpk-files - Sort selected cpk-Files (if needed) via Drag&Drop - Read already existing DpFileList.bin - Updated GUI using modern material design - Copy CPK list as string to clipboard - Improved automatic update of dlc.csv; no need to manually update your dlc.csv Instructions 1) Choose your "download"-folder (or any folder that contains .cpk-files) Optional: 1.1) select already existing DpFileList.bin to preselect already used CPKs 2) Select cpk-files which should be in the DpFileList.bin 3) Sort the selected cpk-files (if needed) via drag and drop 4) Generate DpFileList.bin (your current DpFileList.bin will be backed up (DpFileList.bin.BACKUP)) IMPORTANT You need at least Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 to run this tool. ---------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD Download .rar via mega.nz ---------------------------------------------------------- FAQ: 1. How is the sorting logic of the application? At top of the generated DpFileList.bin the cpk file with the lowest priorty is arranged. 2. I get an error while creating the DpFileList.bin. Try to rerun the tool as admin (right-click => run as administrator). 3. "Error unable to find csv file" The "dlc.csv has to be in the "DpFileListGeneratorData" folder, please don't change the data structure, otherwise the tool will not find the csv file. Just download the file, extract and run it. 4. What is the maximum amount of CPKs that can be added? 47 CPK files can be added.
  9. energia

    SIDER 6 (with liveCPK) by juce

    Sider 6 is a helper program for PES 2020 and PES 2020 demo. See doc/readme.txt for information on how to use it. The livecpk/ball-root is an example of LiveCPK usage, with Champions League ball created by @Hawke. Features v.6.0: - time extender (match.minutes option) - LiveCPK Sider v6.0.1 https://mapote.com/pes/sider-6.0.1.zip - most of Lua scripting engine is supported (except for "kits"), including overlay - camera module with Fanview camera controls and replays on/off switch. All credit to @nesa24 for game internals research. - new event: "set_match_settings" - allows to enable extra time and penalties, as well as set difficulty to 6 (Legend?). See matchset.lua example module - you can see how the Legend difficulty can be set, and also extra time and penalties are turned on/off in there. Another fun module: snow.lua (disabled by default. Enable in sider.ini, if you want to use it). It enforces a snowy winter night will falling snow. I know... not everyone's cup of tea, but if you like to tinker with weather that's a way to do it. This is probably the last sider release for the demo (unless critical bugs are found). Once the full game is out, then i'll be able to implement all of the remaining features. Oh, and … in theory, you should be able use last year's BallServer.lua by @zlac , just need to prepare the map fies and the content folder correctly. But that is all left as an "exercise for the reader" ;-) credits: juce
  10. energia

    UltraWide Fix...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWRphhupM5w PES 2020 does not natively support Ultrawide, however, there are a number of things we can do to fit that: 1) Remove the black bars * Download a hex editing program. I use https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/ * Open the PES 2020.exe with the hex editor * Click 'Search', 'Replace', then click on the second tab 'hex files'. * Search for '80 7B 10 00 0F 28' and replace it with '80 7B 10 01 0F 28', it should replace two instances. * Save and quit, this will also automatically create a backup of your original .exe should you ever need it. Great, you now have no black bars, however, PES creates a strange mirroring effect around the edge of the screen during entrances and replays. For the purpose of the video I already had the fix enabled, but I disabled it briefly at half time to show you how it normally looks. 2) Fixing the mirroring on edge of the screen To do this we're going to apply some post-processing. All we'll actually be doing is zooming the entire game in slightly. Don't worry, this doesn't cut off any UI anywhere, and we'll then pull the in game camera out slightly to compensate. * Download reshade https://reshade.me/ * Open reshade and navigate to your PES 2020 .exe * Click on API dx10+ * A list of effects will appear, the oner we need is 'perfect perspective'. You can download all of them instead if you wish. * next time you open PES you'll be greeted with a reshade welcome message at the top of the screen. * Click 'Home' and click through the basic tutorial. *Activate perfect perspective and select the following settings (if you prefer you can open up the DefaultPreset.ini in your PES directory with notepad and copy this over directly). Projection=0 FOV=0 DebugPreview=0 Vertical=1.000000 VerticalScale=0.960000 ResScale=1920,1920 Type=0 Zooming=0.957000 BorderColor=0.027000,0.027000,0.027000,0.000000 MirrorBorders=1 This effect is meant to be used to fix fish-eye effect in FPS games, but we're just using it to zoom out. Congratulations! PES is now absolutely perfect in Ultrawide! https://youtu.be/EWRphhupM5w
  11. energia

    PC DEMO Disponibile...

    [PES 2019 PC] Bayern and Juventus Goal Song DOWNLOAD Main features: Added Bayer Goal Song in high quality audio (48000 hz - stereo - .hca format); Real stadium effect for Bayer Goal Song; Goal song play only in home stadium; Juventus goal song enabled for Neu Sonne Arena stadium; Patch in .cpk format. DOWNLOAD GOAL SONG INSTRUCTIONS TO INSTALL: - Download [eFootball PES 2020 DEMO] BAY & JUV Goal Song by Mauri_d.rar - Copy BAY_&_JUV_Goal_Song_by_Mauri_d.cpk and DpFileList.bin file in download folder - Run eFootball PES 2020 DEMO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No Replay Logo for PES 2020 Demo Download... Insert the cpk to "download" in your PES directory and activate the cpk with DpFileListGenerator 2017 by Baris
  12. energia

    PC DEMO Disponibile...

    test della demo: https://youtu.be/cXWLrL49mRw
  13. energia

    PC DEMO Disponibile...

    PES 2020 DEMO kits BY: Junior Mantis Download link: https://mega.nz/#!9FlEEYgQ!QAMZebXA-UL0Kewc9WNX86GN17d-gTGn3AS4t2lr7_Q
  14. energia

    PC DEMO Disponibile...

    Da juce: https://mapote.com/pes/sider-5.4.2-pes2020-demo.zip EDIT: SIDER 6: Sider 6 is a helper program for PES 2020 and PES 2020 demo. See doc/readme.txt for information on how to use it. The livecpk/ball-root is an example of LiveCPK usage, with Champions League ball created by @Hawke. Features: - time extender (match.minutes option) - LiveCPK DOWNLOAD Sider 6.0.0 https://mapote.com/pes/sider-6.0.0.zip
  15. energia

    PC DEMO Disponibile...

    La demo PC di efootball PES 2020 è installabile da qui: https://steamdb.info/app/996480/ questi i requisiti richiesti dal gioco: